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About Us

The protection, nurture and over all welfare of the Nigerian and indeed, the African child, remains our guiding principle.

Who We Are

The Centre for Children’s Health Education, Orientation and Protection (CEE-HOPE) is an ngo that engages with and fights for the rights and welfare of the most vulnerable of Nigerian children. It carries out empowerment activities in urban slums and remote areas of Nigeria targeted at the most at-risk children.

When not engaging the children, mending and bringing out their best potentials, CEE-HOPE speaks on their behalf to authorities, and or challenges forces that interfere with their wellbeing.

Its educational scholarship program, advocacies against child’s sexual abuse and girl empowerment programs (scholarship, leadership mentorship and skills empowerment) have stood CEE-HOPE out as a promising organisation.

CEE-HOPE currently works in three states of Nigeria namely Lagos, Ogun and Plateau.

Our work is guided by the mantra ofRighting Lives, Restoring Hope, One Child at a Time”.

Best Practices

We carry out our work in the most professional manner and with the highest level of integrity, transparency and in manners that are sensitize to the host communities. The protection, nurture and over all welfare of the Nigerian and indeed, the African child, remains our guiding principle and we shall do all that is within our power to carry out this duty without sentiment or compromise.

Very importantly, we shall not only speak out in support of, but also engage children in a broad range of issues using age appropriate-languages.

Where We Work

CEE-Hope works currently in Lagos State , Ogun State and Benue State (others to be added with time). 

Our Network

We partner with local and international child’s rights-based, girl-right and human/child-oriented organizations and individuals towards the betterment of vulnerable Nigerian children/girls.

The Girls-Go-for-Greatness (‘Triple G’) Program….

We are helping young girls and teenage mothers reach their dreams through mentorship

AT CEE-HOPE, we are very much abreast with the potentials and relevance of the girl child to societal development. As part of our drive to ensure gender equality and that every Nigerian girl accesses the best of opportunities to gain a foothold to greatness no matter her background, we run the vibrant ‘Triple G’ Program. We target teenage mothers, school drop-outs and other at-risk girls in urban slums and rural, excluded and impoverished communities with life’s improvements programs such as scholarships, girl leadership mentorship, rights sensitization, skills acquisition and other enhancement programs. The ‘Triple G’ is one of CEE-HOPE’s most successful programs transforming the lives of hundreds of girls/young women and inspiring so much hope in so many in just a few years.