Centre for Children’s Health Education Orientation and Protection | CEE- Hope | CEE-HOPE’S DOCUMENTARY ON CHILD MARRIAGE


In October, 2016, as part of activities marking the ‘International Day of the Girl’, CEE-HOPE released its short documentary film titled RUN dwelling on the theme of Child Marriage.

Here is a synopsis of the 25-minute film set in Lagos, Nigeria:

RUN is a short documentary film focusing on child marriages in Nigeria. Though outlawed, the practice still pervades in many parts of the country with blighting effects on girls’ development. In this documentary by CEE-HOPE, a Nigerian NGO working with vulnerable children/girls, a teenager is married off against her wish; but in the end, her determination wins over as she returns to school after childbirth. A series of expert interviews, statistical evidence from leading global bodies on the prevalence rate as well as local (traditional) colours add spice and substance to this short and compelling production from CEE-HOPE.